F I S K A R S  x  M I S S E M A I 

In 2020 Mia-Louise was invited to create 4 sophisticated yet easy-to-cut paper cuttings for the grand old tools company Fiskars. A tribute to the proud Danish paper cutting tradition as well as an opportunity for Mia-Louise to express her utmost respect and admiration for the universe of H.C. Andersen quirky paper cutting history and his impeccable craftsmanship and skills to tell a story without the usage of words. The aim was to create elegant paper cuttings that were fairly easy to cut with Fiskars' classic scissors.








 H E I M  x  M I S S E M A I

The Heim store in the outskirts of Copenhagen hosts a vibrant mix of art pieces, classy handmade design objects and classic furniture collections. The owner Kalle Heimburger Lanter - a significant style icon in his own right - has created an exquisite inviting univers. For the 2020 spring exhibition Heim commissioned Mia-Louise to create an exclusive paper installation, as a visual focus point for the decadente store. Inspired by the silhouettes of the Danish ballet corps in the Royal national theatre,  Mia-Louise brought the quirky and creative exhibition "POETIC PIROUETTE" to life. The swirling nature of the ballerinas in the art installation was emphasized by the generous amount of hand-cut one of a kind ballerinas floating side by side as a poetic ballet corp.  






P E T I T E  L E G A R T H  X  M I S S E M A I

Petite Legarth founded in 2011 by Fashion Designer Sofie Legarth, is a Danish brand that combines the exclusive Liberty of London textiles with sophisticated hand made patterns and designs. Mia-Louise was commissioned by Petite Legarth to create a dynamic logo that had the ability to translate into an overall surface pattern for the quirky yet classic Petite Legarth identity and packaging.






B O L I G L I V   X   M I S S E M A I

BoligLiv is a well curated Danish interior magazine, renowned for its crafty approach and playful touch. BoligLiv is part of the traditional Danish institution Egmont Publishing. In 2019, then Editor Nicola Kragh-Riis first approached Mia-Louise to create a paper cut poetic version of BoligLiv's logo. A few years later Editor Kristina Beyer Fjeldgren approached Mia-Louise. This time Mia-Louise was commissioned to do a full frame paper cut artwork for the front cover. Drawing inspiration from the original logo and H.C. Andersen's paper cuttings a journey of research, sketching and paper cut testing started. The delicate finished artwork, neatly created using the scissors as a drawing tool was then photographed and printed onto several editions of BoligLiv's front covers.  








H O T E L  R Y E 115  X  M I S S E M A I 


Hotel Rye 115 is a charming  boutique hotel founded by the lovely Danish couple Charlotte & Claus Eberhard Højbjerg. Renowned for it's wholesome aesthetic, excellent interior and welcoming service, Rye115 is located in the cozy corner of Copenhagen, Østerbro. In 2019 Charlotte & Claus invited Mia-Louise to design a surface print for the hotel's organic products and packaging. Inspired by the exquisite atmosphere in and around the hotel the commissioned artwork reflects the style of Copenhagen's most stylish boutique hotel. 








S E L F  C A R E  S H O P  X  M I S S E M A I

Self care shop is a beauty boutique located in one of Copenhagen's finer areas. Renowned for it's  wholesome approach to skin care and beauty, it was a delight for Mia-Louise to create a whisical surface pattern for Self Care shop's packaging. Inspired by real-life beauty objects, lavender, herbs and the atmosphere surrounding a mindful lifestyle, the commissioned artwork mirrors both actual physical products from the boutique and more abstract imagery and figurative elements.