Missemai design studio


Missemai is a design studio in the outskirts of Copenhagen creating fine ornamental objects in various materials. Hard work is put into every tiny detail - balancing quality, function and aesthetics to ensure the completed work will remain an interesting and decorative piece of design for generations to come. The intention is to create objects that will last a lifetime, by researching the art history, the colors of nature and work closely with experienced craftsmen who will do the part of the job that is out of my technical knowledge. 


'I am drawn to, and deeply fascinated by the playful process of creating timeless hand made objects: the beauty of an air bubble caught in a mouth blown glass lamp, a papercut detail softly rising above the art work because of the humidity in the air, or a splash of fleeing aquarelle onto an illustration. All fine proofs of the hand made process. My playful creative process allows the product to slowly unfold in an artistic way.'                             - Mia-Louise


Founder Mia-Louise Mailund Smith, Textile Design BA(hons) graduate from Chelsea, University of the Arts, London, 2005.