belle ballerina 'petit coeur'

  • 'Poetic pirouettes' is a collection of pretty paper ballerinas created in deep concentration. Through the slow process of handcutting each of the ballerinas, every little detail - a letter, a heart or a fine formed curve - is neatly cut and formed from the paper. It feels like drawing with scissors. 

    Let the elegant ballerina do her pirouettes either as a solo dancer or as part of a ballet company.  


    size approximately 20 x 25 cm  

     TEMPLATE AVAILABLE FOR BALLERINA HEART - if you wish to create your own ballerinas, please find the "Paper template" here


  • €55.00 EUR

  • belle ballerina 'petit coeur'
  • belle ballerina 'petit coeur'
  • belle ballerina 'petit coeur'

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